Director Development Overview
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Director Development

The focus of our Director Development offerings is to contribute to the development of better directors, and ultimately, better boards. The enhanced leadership and direction in turn delivered by these well-equipped boards will, we believe, yield better business.

How do we define "better directors”?

The IoDSA Director Competency Framework TM (DCF) contains 20 competencies that epitomise the competent director. All our offerings are aligned to the DCF and we are therefore continuously striving to deliver relevant interventions – training, events, mentoring, assessment and certification - that equip directors with the necessary knowledge and insights required to fulfil their duties and to appreciate the importance of good governance.

What does the IoDSA offer?

Director Development and Events delivers a host of interventions aimed at supporting the continual learning and development of aspiring and experienced directors.

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Who should attend?

If you’re are in a leadership role or involved in leading a business, then you need to know how to do business. We believe that governance is simply good business practice and needs to be effused throughout the business. Our programmes are developed for different target audiences:

Individual Directors 
Individuals supporting the role of Directors 
Boards of Directors 
Board Committee Members 
Public Sector 
SME and Family Owned Businesses 


How can I benchmark my progress?

The Certified Director (Cert.Dir.) is a professional designation conferred by the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoDSA). The designation is awarded to individuals who have successfully completed the training, online multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and written assessment.

The Chartered Director (SA) certification programme is a four-phase assessment process aimed at recognising competent directors against the competencies contained in the Director Competency Framework.

In-House Programmes

Our programmes can be customized to meet the needs of your board of directors. These programmes can be offered at your premises or your choice of venue. Complete the Request for Proposal form detailing your needs and we will contact you to propose the best offering for your requirements.


Educational Partners

We are proud of our affiliation with other educational partners. These include:

Where do I start?

The Being a Director Series (Part 1 – 4) is aimed at equipping both aspiring and experienced directors with the broad knowledge required of a director, as described in King III, including:

  • Governance frameworks
  • Roles and responsibilities of key role players in corporate governance
  • Risk and strategy
  • Performance and sustainability
  • Integrated reporting and combined assurance
  • Increasing board effectiveness and adding value