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The IoDSA non-executive candidate search makes available the opportunity for companies to search the IoDSA membership for non-executive candidates.

The process for CV searches

Terms and Conditions - Companies

By purchasing a CV search you agree to the following:

  • The IoDSA will search CV summaries against criteria provided by your form submission
  • The IoDSA will match criteria and will forward CV's to a maximum of 10
  • Should significantly more CV's meet your stated criteria, you will be contacted to further refine your criteria
  • The IoDSA takes no responsibility for the accuracy or validity of information provided by candidates, nor will the IoDSA conduct any form of screening of candidates
  • The IoDSA shall contact the candidate for consent to submit their full CV and contact information.  Thereafter you will correspond directly and IoDSA cannot be held liable for any contracts and/or arrangements agreed to
  •  Your company data will be collected and processed by the IoDSA for the purpose of offering this service.  The data collected may include, without limitation, you name/company name, billing information, address, telephone, email address and other data obtained from you from time to time

Fees Cost - excl VAT Cost - incl VAT
Non member rate R 9 165.21 per search R 10 540.00 per search
IoDSA member rate (approx. 20% disc) R 7634.78 per search R 8 780.00 per search



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