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New release by IoDSA: Directors' Sentiment Index Report - 4th Edition

Friday, 01 November 2019   (0 Comments)
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The Institute of Directors in South Africa (IoDSA) is pleased to release the 4th Edition of the South African Directors’ Sentiment IndexTM Report.

The research aims to establish the perceptual position of South African directors on Economic, Business, Governance and Directorship conditions, as well as track this sentiment over time.

In this year's report, we saw the slowly increasing positive sentiment trend over 2016 -2018 for Economic and Business conditions decline. The sentiment for Governance and Directorship conditions remains positive, however, there was a very slight decline in the level of positivity for these conditions in 2019.

According to Vikeshni Vandayar, Executive: Governance and Corporate Services at the IoDSA, “Since the inception of the Index, South African directors have felt more positive than negative around governance conditions in South Africa. South African directors continue to feel that the application of good governance practices add value to businesses.”

“This year we saw South African directors feeling more positive towards the board adequately setting the tone of ethical conduct through their ethical leadership. The latest results and trends seem to indicate that South African directors are positive that governance practices can improve and that board members do have a large influence and ability to set the tone,” adds Vandayar.

For added interest, the 2019 report includes qualitative feedback derived from two open-ended questions aimed at gaining feedback on the usefulness of the research itself and overall views from South African directors. 

“We were delighted to learn that report is found to be very useful (mean score of 3.6 out of 5) by respondents, however, there is some work to be done to increase awareness of the report to non-IoDSA members. The qualitative feedback received in this year’s survey has been included in the report and the feedback will be considered by the IoDSA in future editions”, Vandayar adds.

We believe that this study provides valuable indicators of the challenges that are most affecting members of the IoDSA and the wider director community in the execution of their directorship duties.

We invite you to study the 2019 Directors' Sentiment IndexTM Report and benchmark your sentiment on the Economic, Business, Governance and Directorship conditions within South Africa, against those of your fellow directors.