What category am I?
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The IoDSA offers different categories of membership.
Which one will suit your needs?

Reference to "director” for purposes of membership includes being a member of the body that is responsible for the governance and strategic business direction of an entity and which makes the decisions that determine its success and integrity. It furthermore includes those who play a key role with regards of the governance of an entity.

Director may include being responsible in this manner for:

  • divisional where the division is equivalent to an entity of substance
  • an entity not conducted for commercial purposes
  • a department or entity in local, provincial or national government
  • a tertiary institutional trust
  • a pension or retirement fund


future I am in middle management, in full time employment and aspire to be a director within the next 3 years. My focus is on development and preparation for this role.
Future Leader Read more
indie I am a Company Secretary and actively participate in Board meetings or serve on sub-committees and wish to be a member.
Individual Membership Read More
indie2 I am a director / senior executive / trustee / partner overseeing strategic direction of my organisation
Individual Membership Read More
indie3 I am a business owner / sole directors in an SMME and wish to enhance my knowledge and grow my personal network.
Individual Membership Read More
group I am a Company Secretary and would like to enrol my organisation’s full Board in order to support their continuing professional development needs.
Board / Group Membership Read More
retire I am an existing member in good standing and have been a member for at least 5 consecutive years with at least 10 years experience as a director, company secretary, senior executive, partner, associate or senior manager, senior academic.
Fellow Membership Read More
organogram I wish to join a professional body to enhance my knowledge and support my application for a Critical Skills Visa.
Critical Skills Visa Membership Read More
npo I am a director / senior executive / trustee in a not for profit entity with no other external directorships or commercial activities.
NPO Membership Read More
felloq I am a member of a professional association listed below and wish to take advantage of the special offer. USB Alumni, PPS, BWA, SAIPA, Durban Chamber
Select the Professional Body Read More
category I am fully retired from business and commercial activities and hold no directorship positions but wish to support the IoDSA objectives and stay informed.
Retired Membership Read More