Training FAQs
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1. How do I book for the programme?

All bookings are done online. Please Sign In to book for the programme. Should you not have Sign In credentials, please Register to be a Member. Each delegate needs to Register in order to book for the event. Please select “Event Attendee (alumni)” option when selecting Member Type. Once registered, please go to the Event Name that you want to book for under calendar and click Register in order to book for the event. Please contact us should you require further assistance.

2. Do I have to be a member in order to book for the programme?

No. You do not have to be a member. You can register as a non-member (event attendee only) in order to book for the programme.

3. Can I register/book manually and not online?

All our bookings are done online. You need to register on the website in order to book for a programme.

4. What are the costs of training?

Varies depending on the programme you would like to book for. Please follow this link to get an overview of each programme. Each programme shows what you can expect to learn during training as well as the cost associated with the programme.

5. Where can I see the rest of your programme dates?

On the far right-hand side of our home page, there is a tab written calendar, next to the tab click on more and more dates will appear.

6. May I please have more info about the programmes you offer and what they entail?

On our home page, there are tabs above, point your cursor on the 4th tab which is Director Development and click Director Development offerings on the drop-down menu. You will be able to see all the programmes we offer and if you click on the programme of interest, you will see the overview of the programme.



Terms & Conditions

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