How to update your profile OR reset your password
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IoDSA Tutorial - How to sign in and update your Profile from IoDSA on Vimeo.

To access your IoDSA member profile, you required to securely sign in with a unique username and password. IoDSA will provide you with an initial username via email, but you will at any time be able to update/edit your username and password.


You would have received an email from IoDSA with your unique username. However, if signing in for the first time, you will need to create your new password. Follow the short tutorial below to assist and guide you through this easy and quick process. If you have FORGOTTEN YOUR PASSWORD, please follow the same process to RESET YOUR PASSWORD


Log onto the IoDSA website home page. Click on the ''FORGOT PASSWORD'' link on the RIGHT RAIL  of the page, as per the image below


Enter your username provided by email from IoDSA, OR your email on record. answer the simple anti-spam question and click RESET PASSWORD. See image below


You will shortly thereafter receive an email from IoDSA, with a link to take you back to the site, where you will be able to create/reset your password. See image below to find  password reset link in email


After clicking the link in the email, you will be taken back to the IoDSA website, and the password create/reset page. Enter the password of your choice and confirm it. Passwords must be 8 characters long and be alpha-numeric(containing at least one number).


You have now successfully created/reset your password. If it is the fist tiem you sign in, please take the time to first set your personal preferences, WHEREAFTER you will be able to access your profile and update/maintain your personal and professional information. See screen below to access your profile after completing password reset/create