In-House FAQs
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1. Will facilitators travel to our location?

Yes, your organisation can arrange travel for our facilitator to suitable locations.

2. How many delegates should an in house programme consist of at a minimum and maximum?

The recommendation is to have at least 10 (ten) delegates per programme in order for it to be cost effective. However, if you have less than 10 delegates then this is also acceptable but the costs won't decrease.

3. Can you customise a programme for us?

The main benefit of in-house programmes is the customisation of the content within the realm of governance.

4. How are costs determined for the programme?

We charge per group size, 10, 11- 15, or 16-25, and duration of the programme.

5. Do you need to be a member of the IoDSA to receive in house programmes?

No. Any organisation can request our services whether they are members or not.