Events FAQ's
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1. As a non-member - Do I need to create a profile to attend an event?

  • Yes, you have to create an event attendee profile.
  • On the login page, click on haven’t registered yet.
  • Select event-attendee only profile and fill in your details from there.

2. How do I pay for an event?

  • Once you are on the register page and you have registered for the event,It will allow you to save and finalize registration.
  • A Billing information page will pop up and allow you to pay via credit card or through an EFT.
  • When you done selecting your payment method an automatic invoice will be generated on your profile.

3. How to access your invoices once logged off:

  • Sign into your profile, on the top you will see “Manage Profile”.
  • Click on manage profile and your profile home will pop up.
  • Under the heading invoices, payments and history, you will see the invoice access option. 
  • Once you click on the invoice tap, all outstanding invoices will be optional to pay.

4. Are their Sponsorship opportunities for the events?

  • Yes, we can definitely customise a sponsorship agreement for you, contact for discussion.

5. Can I register more than one attendee?

  • Yes, if the opportunity is on the booking process you can save and finalise you registration and a “register a another attendee button will be their”

6. Can I pay on arrival?

  • Yes, you can but payment prior to the event is preferred.

7. Can I have access to the attendee list?

  • No, due to the POPI act we cannot release member information.