Code of Conduct
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Code of Professional Conduct

This Code applies to members of the IoDSA, as defined, by virtue of their membership to the IoDSA, and breaches of the Code will be managed in accordance with the IoDSA's Disciplinary Regulations as determined by the IoDSA Board from time to time.


The Code comprises:

Ethical Principles

The Code defines six ethical principles providing members with guidance for values-based decision making and conduct.  These ethical principles are an important reference point for members and should form the basis for the ethical and effective performance of their day to day conduct within the execution of their roles and responsibilities.

Conduct Principles

In accordance with established and trusted global governance standards, the Code provides conduct principles to inform members' performance of their role in three key areas. These principles embody the responsibilities and obligations that members commit to:

  • towards their organisation(s)
  • towards the profession and
  • towards the IoDSA. 

In interpreting the Code, both the ethical and conduct principles must be applied to advance and promote the spirit and the letter of the Code

To download the Code, click on the link in the document library below. OR click here to read and accept online

Member complaints and discipline

The former complaints procedure is replaced by the IoDSA Disciplinary Regulations, which can also be downloaded from the document library below.  These regulations contain the procedures for laying a complaint against a member, as well as how the IoDSA will investigate and respond to these complaints.



Membership Policies

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Member complaint form PDF (128.12 KB) Administration 2019/12/11
Code of Professional Conduct PDF (324.22 KB) Administration 2019/05/31
Disciplinary Regulations PDF (179.17 KB) Administration 2019/05/31