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Corporate Governance Advisory Services FAQs
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1. Can I receive free corporate governance technical support over the phone or during a meeting?

No, the IoDSA follows a strict policy which does not allow verbal technical support. All queries must be submitted in writing via email.

2. How do I submit a corporate governance technical support query?

You can submit a query either via the IoDSA online query link or directly to IoDSA Governance and Legal Specialist, Tanya Nassif tanyan@iodsa.co.za. For detailed guidance on what to include in your email see the full Advisory Services page.

3. Does the IoDSA provide legal and other regulation advisory assistance?

No, the IoDSA cannot provide professional legal, financial or other regulatory advise or assistance. Our scope of assistance is limited to the application of the King Reports and the board’s role over those areas of corporate governance as espoused by the King Reports.

4. What corporate governance advisory services does the IoDSA provide?

The IoDSA can provide an array of advisory services depending on your specific needs, such as governance assessments/audits, review and drafting of terms of references, advisory workshops etc. See a more detailed list on the full Advisory Services page. The scope of advisory services are customised and determined per project depending on the client specific requirements. Please contact us via advisory@iodsa.co.za for further information and to discuss your corporate governance advisory request for assistance.

5. Do NPO/NPC or corporate IoDSA members qualify for reduced advisory services fees?

Yes, both NPO and NPC registered organisations qualify for a discount of IoDSA fees upon adequate proof of their registration as such. Active corporate IoDSA members (i.e. fully paid members at the time of signing an engagement letter) also qualify for reduced advisory services fees.

6. Are SMES, NPOs and Private Companies legally required to comply with the King IV Report on Corporate Governance?

No they are not legally required to comply as the King IV Report on Corporate Governance (King IV) is not legislation but is a voluntary code of best practice. We recommend all types of organisation apply King IV. However the JSE Listing requirements poses obligations on companies registered on the JSE to apply King IV.

7. How do I properly reference King IV?

The proper referencing expectation of the King IV copyright and trademarks can be found in the King IV IP Policy on our website.

8. Can the IoDSA investigate a director who is not complying with their director duties in terms of the Companies Act?

The IoDSA is not a regulator and you cannot report such a director to the IoDSA to investigate. You may report director misconduct to the Companies Tribunal (which is not the same as CIPC) or you may proceed to court if permitted in terms of the Companies Act 71 of 2008.

9. Does the IoDSA have a template Board Charter, Terms of Reference, Agenda, Governance Framework or Application Register to share?

The IoDSA does not distribute templates of these documents as these documents should be drafted, created or assessed specifically in line with your organisations internal processes and organisation specific needs. However we do have some guidance around these and they can be found in the Online Library( add link).

10. Can the IoDSA please provide me with a Legal Opinion on ________? 

The IoDSA is not a legal firm and does not provide Legal Opinions in respect of legal obligations or if conduct or actions are legally sound. We can however assist with Governance advice through our fee-based advisory services