What is a Cert.Dir
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The Certified Director (Cert.Dir.) is a professional designation conferred by the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoDSA).

The designation is awarded to individuals who have successfully completed the training, online multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and written assessment. The entire programme is aligned with the knowledge components of the IoDSA’s Director Competency Framework™.

An individual wanting to attain this designation does not need to have any experience as a director.

Why should you apply for Certified Director?

  • Fast track your career as a professional director
  • Demonstrate mastery of knowledge and skills
  • Show your commitment to on-going professional development
  • Demonstrate your integrity and commitment to moral and legal duties
  • Uphold standards of sound governance in South Africa

What do you need to qualify for Certified Director?

  • Individuals who have successfully completed Part 1: Training with Director Development and have received their Letter of Completion, are legible to apply for Certified Director (Cert.Dir.).
  • An individual needs to also be a full member of the IoDSA before they can apply for the Certified Director Assessment.

*This means that the individuals in the following positions could qualify:

  • A director or alternate director
  • A company secretary
  • Trustees
  • An executive
  • A partner or associate or senior manager of a professional practice e.g. accountants, architects, stockbrokers, attorneys
  • A member of a close corporation
  • A director – general, head of department or accounting officer of members of the accounting authority in the public sector
  • Tertiary academic personnel at the level of, equivalent to, professor or senior lecturer

Part 1: Training and MCQ's

The IoDSA’s Director Development department offers the training programmes and multiple-choice questions (MCQs) that are required to qualify to write the Certified Director (Cert.Dir.) assessment.

The training that needs to be completed includes:

  • Being a Director Part 1 – 4 (4 days of training);
  • Being a Director Part 5 – Boardroom theory into practice (1 day of training);
  • Financial insights for non-financial directors (1 day) or exemption; and,
  • Governance of Ethics or exemption (1/2 day).

Dates for these modules are available on the IoDSA website under Director Development – click here to read more about the programmes. Training remains valid for a period of three years, so it is important to ensure you register for the Part 2 Assessment within this period.

Part 2: Assessment

Once Director Development has issued the Letter of Completion for Part 1, the individual is able to apply for the second part of the Certified Director (Cert.Dir.), namely Part 2: Assessment. This takes the form of a 3-hour assessment that is written at the IoDSA offices in Sandton on set dates.  Dates are set annually and can be found on the IoDSA website.

All registrations are completed online – simply identify the date on which you would like to write the Certified Director exam and register for it.  Note that there are documents that need to be submitted as part of this online registration process – click here for more information. 

Dates for 2019:

  • Friday, 1 February 2019 
  • Thursday,11 April 2019
  • Thursday, 11 July 2019
  • Friday, 11 October 2019