What is a CD(SA)
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Chartered Director (SA) is a professional designation conferred by the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoDSA) to individuals who have demonstrated proficiency to serve as directors. CD(SA) is a sought-after and highly prestigious certification, awarded through a rigorous assessment process.

This esteemed designation is a commitment to deliberate career path building, the recognition of excellence, and ethical leadership in all spheres of business in South Africa.

CD(SA) is a career-enhancing designation for better directors, better boards and better business.


Why should you apply for Chartered Director (SA)?

  • Elevate your career to the highest level
  • Demonstrate mastery of knowledge, skills and experience as a director
  • Show your commitment to on-going professional development
  • Demonstrate your integrity and commitment to moral and legal duties
  • Uphold standards of sound governance in South Africa


What do you need to qualify for Chartered Director (SA)?

  • Full IoDSA membership
  • At least 30 years of age
  • Recommendation by a proposer and seconder respectively
  • An NQF 7 qualification or equivalent
  • At least 3 years practising as a company director on a board of an organisation of substance

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How can you apply?

The process of qualifying as a CD(SA) is broken down into two phases:

Phase 1: Registration

1.Complete the online application which includes the details of your qualifications, directorship experience and nomination documents

2.Pay your application fee and submit proof of payment and relevant documents


Phase 2: Assessment

1. Submit a Portfolio of qualifications and experience (PQE)

2.Write the CD(SA) exam

Complete the peer review interview

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