Third Party Publications
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Third Party Publications Disclaimer

Third Party Publications Disclaimer are provided as originally published by the third-party and are not altered in any way by the IoDSA. The IoDSA considers the high-level content of third-party publications from a relevance perspective only and does not in any way review accuracy, vet and/or verify the contents of such publications.

The IoDSA does not in any way endorse such publication as an IoDSA supported publication. The IoDSA does not warrant or undertake that the content of third party publications are accurate or up to date with current legislative changes. Such publications are a direct result of the author and all reputability and reliance rests solely with the publication’s publisher and author/s. It is the reader’s responsibility to satisfy himself or herself that the content meets his/her requirements.

The publication should not be regarded as professional or legal advice by the IoDSA, the relevant publisher or the author of such publication. The IoDSA shall not be liable for any damage, loss or liability of any nature incurred directly or indirectly by whomever and resulting from any cause in connection with the third party publication. Specific professional advice should be procured where necessary. 

Third Party Publications Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
IRC Achieving Balance Paper PDF (4.5 MB) Administration 2018/12/12
Sub-Saharan Africa Report PDF (5.32 MB) Administration 2018/08/14
USB Steinhoff Saga Report PDF (1.23 MB) Administration 2018/07/03
IRC Disclosure of Governance information in the IR PDF (4.01 MB) Administration 2018/05/25
A Directors Guide PDF (631.39 KB) Administration 2018/04/09
Remuneration Governance 2013 Survey Results PDF (1.37 MB) Administration 2015/03/09
Executive Guide to King III Public Sector PDF (836.39 KB) Administration 2015/03/09
Executive Guide to King III PDF (681.09 KB) Administration 2015/03/09
Integrated Reporting PDF (564.27 KB) Administration 2015/03/09
King III at a Glance PDF (141.97 KB) Administration 2015/03/09