Event Terms & Conditions


  1. All Delegates may register to attend an IoDSA event through completing the online booking/registration form through the event mailer or directly via the IoDSA website for the particular event under the IoDSA Calendar.

  2. IoDSA Members will be required to log into their IoDSA Member Profile Accounts to proceed with the booking.

  3. Non-IoDSA Members will be required to create an online IoDSA Alumni Profile Account in order to proceed with the booking when registering to attend an IoDSA event for the first time and can thereafter can use this account for all future IoDSA Event bookings/registrations.

  4. IoDSA Alumni Profiles are required for non-members in order to ensure that the IoDSA has accurate and up to date Delegate information for attendance history and statistical purposes. By creating an IoDSA Alumni Profile Account, the Delegate agrees to receive relevant IoDSA Communication around IoDSA services, events and governance related information. The Delegate may unsubscribe from such communications at any time. All personal information shall be collected, processed and stored in accordance with Clause 19.

  5. Bookings are considered confirmed once a Booking Confirmation email is received by the Delegate and where applicable a Services Fee Invoice is received for payment.  

  6. Where a Service Fee is applicable, the booking confirmation does not guarantee right to entry unless the Service Fees has been paid prior to the commencement of the Event.

  7. Some IoDSA Events are offered as an IoDSA Member benefit and thus may be free (i.e. at no charge) to fully paid IoDSA Members at the time of the Event registration, unless otherwise specified for the specific event. Where a Member is required to be a member rate fee, the Event Fee clauses below will apply respectively.

  8. Non-IoDSA members will be required to pay a nominal fee as per the specific event invite in order to attend (“Event Fee”). Upon submission of the booking reservation form and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, an invoice will be automatically generated and sent to the Delegate electronically via the online portal.

  9. Payment of invoices for applicable Event Fees must be received in full by the IoDSA prior to the commencement of the Event in order for the Delegate to be allowed entry.

  10. In the event that a Delegate does not arrive for the event and no written cancellation has been received and confirmed by the IoDSA at least seven (7) working days prior to the Event date, the full Event Fee where applicable remains payable and/or will not be refunded in order to cover administrative costs and other expenses for including such Delegate in the numbers catered for in organising the Event.

  11. Event details are given in good faith, however the IoDSA reserves the right to change event content, activities, presenters, facilitators and/or to cancel an Event. In which instance, the IoDSA will notify all registered Delegates accordingly of such change. The full Event Fee, where applicable and paid, will be refunded if the Event is cancelled by the IoDSA.

  12. The IoDSA reserves the right to refuse admission to any Event should the IoDSA not have received payment for the Delegate’s attendance (where applicable), or should the Delegate be suspected of being a health or safety risk to other delegates or seen to be a disruption to the other delegates in attendance. Delegates must adhere to the house rules set out by IoDSA and/or provider of the venue and must remain respectful of other individuals at all times for the duration of the event.


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