Research Projects
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Project 1: A comparative analysis of board structures of Public Companies and its impact under Codes of Corporate Governance in Nigeria and South Africa

Means of participation: The research adopts a qualitative approach of research and as such personal interview will be conducted with relevant officers of organisations

Period for participation: October - November 2018

The growth of the economy of any nation requires that the public companies which dominate the securities sector are not only strong financially but also the modality for its governance and its affairs


Project 2: Auditing Corporate Culture, with assistance from Internal Audit

Means of participation: Interviews 

Period for participation: 15 November 2018 - 31 January 2019

Culture is a key contributor to an organisation's operatonal environment and can be a key driver of unethical decision making. The aim is to engage with Chairs of Audit Committees and CAEs on this.


Project 3: Comparative study of the King Reports on corporate governance

Means of participation: Survey

Period for participation: October - November 2018

The objective is to study the differences between the King Reports by highlighting the differences, the exclusions in subsequent reports and their implications on outcome based Corporate Governance


Project 4: Impact of corporate governance on the effectiveness of State owned enterprises     

Means of participation: Interviews with Executive management and Board of directors

Period for participation: October - November 2018  

The research intends to obtain insight from Leadership of the boards on the views of corporate governance requirements and the impact it has on the effectiveness of SOE'S




Project 5: Accountable to Whom? A Critical Analysis of the Effectiveness of Corporate Governance Structures exhibited by State-Owned Enterprises in South Africa

Means of participation: Face-to-face or telephonic interviews


Period for participation: October - November 2018  

An examination of the the corporate governance structures exhibited by SOEs in South Africa with specific focus on the principle of accountability. A lack of accountability can unravel any entity.


Project 6: The impact of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange’s Alternative Exchange on listed firm’s performance and entrepreneurship

Means of participation: Survey questionnaire and interviews with the CEOs of the JSE's AltX (including former and current executive management and Board of directors) listed companies

Period for participation: October - November 2018

This study is a firm level analysis that seeks to measure the impact that the JSE’s AltX has on the performance of listed firms and the level of entrepreneurship in South Africa. It is expected that experienced directorship via sound corporate governance standards will assist in improving the level of productivity and performance of listed firms.