Preferred Partners

 Ours thanks and appreciation are extended to specific service providers who have provided either complimentary or subsidised products and/or services to the IoDSA:

The Carbon Report 

Issuing the IoDSA Carbon Report. The Carbon Report is a cloud based offering designed to enable participation by all businesses, large and small, in measuring their carbon emissions and producing a carbon footprint audit report. The solution is designed to take a business through a defined process of ring fencing the boundaries of the audit, identifying its emissions producing activities, data gathering and finally the production of a report based on the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol Corporate Standard. More>


Oasis Water


Oasis Water Corporate offers the IoDSA a one-stop solution to their corporate customer’s beverage requirements. Oasis Water Corporate makes use of the extensive Oasis Water franchise network, which currently has in excess of 180 outlets nationwide. In order to fulfill any beverage contract through Oasis Water Corporate Dispensing. More>




Simplified is a consulting and training company that has assisted the IoDSA to communicate clearly and effectively to our target audiences in the King Report on Governance for South Africa, 2009. This is especially important in light of the new Companies Act, which compels companies to communicate in plain language to their investors.

     We all depend on healthy brain function to perform at our best. All performance is brain performance and achieving optimal brain performance is a career game changer. And for companies optimal organisational brain performance drives every measure of organisational performance.

 Grounded in published and peer reviewed neuroscience, Neurozone® offers the first comprehensive intervention designed to significantly enhance and sustain individual and organisational brain performance in today’s extremely demanding business environment.