Ownership & Structure
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The loDSA is a NPC and as a membership organisation, there is no clearly defined ownership structure, the loDSA is technically owned by its active members at any given time.  As membership changes on an on-going basis, the ‘ownership’ structure is not a set structure.

loDSA members have voting rights at the IoDSA Annual General Meeting (AGM) where the Board is elected.

The IoDSA is run by a Board of members elected from the membership at the AGM, held in June of each year.

The Board consists of not less than 8 members and not more than 15 members, elected without reference to geographical area or branches.  At the first meeting of the Board after the AGM, a Chairman is elected from among the Board members.  The office of Chairman may not be held by any one individual for more than two consecutive years.

Elected Board members serve for a period of three years.  One third retire each year and are individually eligible for re-election.  Regional committee chairman may attend Board meetings by invitation.

A small full-time staff under the direction of the Chief Executive is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the IoDSA.

The Board elects various committees i.e. Audit Committee; Social & Ethics Committee; Remuneration Committee; Certifications Committee and Nomination Committee.


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