Promoting Governance in the Non Profit Sector

Initiative structures and process

This sponsorship initiative for 2018 will provide the opportunity for a select number of individuals to attend Director Development programmes with a full IoDSA sponsorship. 


This initiative will also be extended to offer the opportunity for two organisations in the non-profit sector to have a fully sponsored basic board appraisal conducted by the IoDSA and for two organisations to have a fully sponsored in-house governance induction programme.


This initiative will also aim to align our CSI initiatives to our strategic objectives by utilising our specific organisational skill set to aid in building capacity in non-profit directors and will replace our ad-hoc CSI initiatives in favour of a structured programme and defined reporting.


Target audience for Director Development Sponsorship

This opportunity is available to individuals who:

  • Serve on the board of a registered non-profit organisation [1]
  • Have undertaken this position as their first directorship
  • Do not serve on any other boards
  • Are between the ages of 25 - 45


Director Development Sponsorships

Full sponsorship of Parts 1 to 4 of the IoDSA Being a Director series for 5 selected individuals to attend scheduled open programmes at the IoDSA.


Target audience for Board Appraisal OR In-House Induction Sponsorship

This opportunity is available to an organisation that:

  • Is a registered non-profit organisation as previously defined
  • Has 10 – 15 board members
  • Has not undertaken a board appraisal previously


Board Appraisal Service Sponsorships

Full sponsorship of a basic Board Appraisal project for 2 selected organisations.


In-house Governance Induction programme

Full sponsorship of an In-house half day Governance Induction programme hosted by the IoDSA’s internal legal and governance specialist.


  • 4 x full day Being a Director programmes for 5 people 
  • 1 x basic board appraisal projects for 2 organisations
  • 1 x half day In-house governance Induction programme for 2 organisations


IoDSA members will be asked to nominate individuals or organisations for this initiative via a defined application process.

Applications will be reviewed by the IoDSA Executive team who will select the individuals and organisations who will be awarded the sponsorships, having considered the motivations submitted.


Applications timeline:  6 April – 31 May 2018
(Late applications will not be accepted.)
Submit the Application Form to

Nominate candidate   Sponsor candidate


[1] Definition of Non-Profit Organisation:

Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) – non-profit organisations that meet the requirements prescribed in Section 30 of the PBO Act.

Not for Profit Organisations (NPO) – a non-profit organisation that meets the definition provisions stated in Section 1(1)(x) of the Non-Profit Organisations Act 71 of 1977



Non Profit Sponsorship Documentation

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Application Form DOCX (184.8 KB) Administration 2017/04/19