Governance Structures

The CD(SA)®  Governing Body oversees the awarding, revoking and CPD requirements of the CD(SA)® professional designation.This structure is independent in that it is appointed by the IoDSA Board, but performs its duties independently of the board.



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CD(SA) Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Examination Policy Guidelines PDF (245.79 KB) Administration 2018/09/20
CDSA__Self_Evaluation.pdf PDF (301.77 KB) Administration 2018/07/10
Guideline to completing the CD(SA) Online Applicat PDF (304.08 KB) Administration 2018/07/10
Form D.1_Letter of Nomination_ Proposer.docx DOCX (36.07 KB) Administration 2018/07/10
Form D.2_Letter of Nomination_ Seconder.docx DOCX (36.07 KB) Administration 2018/07/10
Form E.1_Directorship Experience.docx DOCX (40.91 KB) Administration 2018/07/10
Form E.2_Organisation of Substance Checklist.docx DOCX (40.57 KB) Administration 2018/07/10
Form F_ Candidate Declaration_2018.docx DOCX (38.01 KB) Administration 2018/07/10
Form G_Final Checklist_2018.docx DOCX (37.95 KB) Administration 2018/07/10
CD(SA) CPD Programme 2018 PDF (167.29 KB) Administration 2018/02/28
CD(SA) Handbook 2018 PDF (1.93 MB)  more ] Administration 2018/06/14
The Boardwalk Series 2018 PDF (236.66 KB) Administration 2018/01/23
CD(SA) Member Dates 2018 PDF (139.85 KB)  more ] Administration 2018/01/04
CD(SA) Annual CPD Declaration 2017 DOCX (37.21 KB)  more ] Administration 2017/11/06
CDSA National Register PDF (148.52 KB) Administration 2018/09/20
CD(SA) Profile Sheet DOCX (48.21 KB) Administration 2016/11/08
Getting started with PrivySeal - CD(SA) PDF (178.58 KB) Administration 2016/05/24