Remuneration Committee Forum (REMCO)
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In partnership with Ernst & Young the IoDSA's Remuneration Committee Forum (REMCO) provides a necessary and valuable service to its members by researching and disseminating information on developments relating to Remuneration Committee issues through regular meetings, workshops and, when appropriate, publications. Position papers produced by this forum may be viewed and downloaded below.


The Forum practice notes can be found in the resource library.


Position Papers - RCF

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Paper 10 Linking executive pay to organisational p PDF (966.18 KB) Administration 2020/07/14
Paper 9: 10 questions a REMCO should be asking PDF (931.56 KB) Administration 2020/02/26
Paper 8: Remuneration Committee Competence Profile PDF (173.55 KB) Administration 2019/06/07
Paper 7: Paying for sustainable performance PDF (178.68 KB) Administration 2018/07/20
Paper 6: Fair and Responsible Remuneration PDF (3.62 MB) Administration 2017/03/31
Paper 5: Value creation and executive pay PDF (163.46 KB) Administration 2016/07/01
Paper 4: Linking pay with performance PDF (3.3 MB) Administration 2015/08/14
Paper 3: Managing conflicts & tension at the Remco PDF (1.49 MB) Administration 2014/10/10
Paper 2: The Remuneration Policy PDF (289.11 KB)  more ] Administration 2013/12/03
Paper 1: Framework for Remuneration Comms PDF (731.72 KB) Administration 2013/05/15