Financial insights for non-financial directors




This session is designed to assist directors that do have a financial background to a well-grounded understanding of the financial concepts that underpin the preparation and presentation of financial statements. The session specifically focuses on analysing and interpreting the financial information presented to directors, and the financial statements in particular, in order to assess the company’s financial position, performance and cash flow.

This session is Not designed for delegates with in-depth financial qualifications or experience.

King IV Report on Corporate Governance
  • Principle 5: The governing body should ensure that reports issued by the organisation enable stakeholders to make informed assessments of the organisation's performance, and its short, medium and long-term prospects

Key focus area

  • Your responsibility as a director with regard to the financial statements of an organisation.
  • The conceptual framework -          
          * Objectives
          * Assumptions
          * Characteristics
          * Elements of financial statements
  • Understanding the various components of financial statements, namely the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement accounting policy and other notes
  • The requirements of certain accounting standards that directors should be aware of
  • Ratio analysis - is to relate the various components of the financial statements with each other
  • Interpretation of financial ratios through a case study


One Full day: 08h30 - 16h00                                                                                                                         

Programme Fees (Excludes VAT)

Fellow Member: R 3 753.91
Subscription Paying Member: R 4 504.47
Other: R 5 630.59

Fee Includes:  refreshments, lunch, course material


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