Benefits of becoming a Cert. Dir.

CDSA Benefits


  • Competence – through attaining the designation, you signal to the market place that you are ready to serve as a director.
  • Confidence – being a Cert.Dir. provides you with confidence as an aspirant or less experienced director, as well as providing the market place with assurance of your ability and competence
  • CPD – as Cert.Dir. you are required to participate in continuing professional development (CPD).  This provides the market place with assurance that your competence is up-to-date and current.
  • Code – subscribing to the Cert.Dir. Code of Conduct provides assurance that you are being held accountable for your practice as aspirant or less experienced director.  It also offers you as Cert.Dir. recourse should you be accused unfairly of misconduct.
  • reCognition – the professional designation raises your profile as an aspirant or less experienced director and sets you apart amongst your peers.