Certified Director Online Application for Renewal

This application is only relevant to individuals who successfully completed the ADP and assessment during 2009 and 2012. Although the Certified Director was awarded during this time, the re-launch of the professional designation requires you to apply for renewal of the designation.

Certified Director Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Cert.Dir. Annual CPD Declaration 2018 PDF (290.77 KB) Administration 2018/02/20
Certified Director CPD Programme 2018 PDF (159.89 KB) Administration 2018/02/20
Director Mentoring Circles 2018 PDF (273.91 KB) Administration 2018/02/13
Director Certification Info Session presentation PDF (2.93 MB)  more ] Administration 2018/02/06
Certified Director Handbook 2017 PDF (1.38 MB) Administration 2017/08/07
Cert.Dir. Code of Conduct PDF (13.81 KB)  more ] Administration 2017/06/29
Cert.Dir. Candidate Declaration PDF (28.69 KB)  more ] Administration 2017/06/29
Certified Director National Register PDF (101.4 KB) Administration 2018/04/09
Getting started with PrivySeal_Cert.Dir. PDF (178.3 KB) Administration 2017/05/31