Continuing Professional Development (CPD)



The purpose of continuing professional development (CPD) is to ensure that a professional remain up to date with the latest developments in corporate governance.  This is not only about maintaining your competence as CD(SA) or Cert.Dir.  but also about ensuring that you remain effective when fulfilling your roles and responsibilities as director.


There are 5 categories of CPD activities required for CPD of a CD(SA) or Cert.Dir.:

  • Professional work-based activities (min. 8 hours) - these are all the activities that a director would participate in including serving as a director, maintaining membership of their membership of the IoDSA as well as their related profession.  Implementing new techniques, learning a new discipline applicable to their directorship(s) or serving on committees related to their line of work or corporate governance.

  • New director mentoring (min. 5 hours) - these activities are related to the mentoring or new or aspiring directors in growth and developing on their directorship path.  This could be part of a formal mentoring programme like the Director Mentoring Circles offered by the IoDSA, or it could be an informal agreement between colleagues or peers.

  • Personal activities outside work (min 7 hours) - these activities relate to the competencies of a director (as set out in the IoDSA's Director Competency Framework) but are performed outside of work and include, but are not limited to, being a member of committees of other professional institutes, management of a club or contributing to corporate governance in smaller, less substantive organisations.

  • Courses, seminars and conferences (min. 5 hours) - these are educational activities related directly to the competences in the Director Competency Framework. This includes formal educational programmes offered by universities or non-formal short courses, workshops or conferences.  The professional could attend as a participate or claim CPD for presenting, facilitating or lecturing these educational interventions.

  • Self-directed learning activities (min. 5 hours) - these are activities performed almost daily as an integral part of a director's role.  However, these activities don't usually involve other people and are driven by the individual.  these include, but are not limited to reading of newspapers, journals and books; listening to audio books or watching videos related to business, economics or corporate governance.


Both CD(SA) and Cert.Dir. are required to comply with the CPD requirements, as set out in the related Handbooks.

These requirements are to:

  • maintain membership as a fully paid up IoDSA member
  • ensure completion of a minimum of 30 CPD hours every year (a minimum of 60 hours over a period of 2 years)
  • subscribe to the CD(SA) or Cert.Dir. Code of Conduct respectively


How does the IoDSA help me as CD(SA) or Cert.Dir. comply with the CPD requirements?


The IoDSA presents a complete CPD Programme each year.  This programme provides detail on how the IoDSA helps Cert.Dir. and CD(SA) to comply with the CPD requirements.



Read more about IoDSA CPD programme 

Download the Annual CPD Declaration Form

Download CPD Record Card


CPD Programme 2019


2 New initiatives have been introduced by the IoDSA in 2018 that further support CPD:



  • Director Mentoring Circles


This is an interactive 2 hour session where CD(SA)s (the mentors) facilitated conversations with new and aspiring directors (Certified Directors or IoDSA members).


Read more about Director Mentoring Circles - click here.





Register as mentor

Cert.Dir. / IoDSA member

Register as mentee

09:00 – 11:00

Tuesday, 27 Feb 2018

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09:00 – 11:00

Thursday, 31 May 2018

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09:00 – 11:00

Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018

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09:00 – 11:00

Wednesday 14 Nov 2018

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2 CPD hours are awarded to both mentors and mentees who participate in the session.  This is done automatically through our Professional Development system on YM.



  • Approved CPD Providers


Universities and training providers that offer workshops, programmes or seminars covering content related to the IoDSA Director Competency Framework can apply for approval as CPD Providers.


The IoDSA has approved the following institutions for 2018:


Name of Organisation

University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB Ed)

Name of offering

Africa Directors Programme (ADP)

CD(SA) or Cert.Dir.


CPD hours per CPD category

Courses, seminars and conferences (CSC)

14 CPD hours

Self-directed learning activities (SD)

5 CPD hours

Content aligned to IoDSA Director Competency Framework

All 20 competencies

Online information

Click here


We are currently in the process of approving additional CPD Providers and will list the details here once the approval has been formalised.