CD(SA) Assessment Process




The CD(SA) assessment process is made up of three components, namely:


· Portfolio of Qualifications and Experience (PQE)

· Examination

· Peer Review


A CD(SA) candidate is required to complete each assessment successfully before they are able to proceed to the next assessment.


The assessment is a self-driven process and candidates are allowed 2 years to complete the process. However, the calendar of dates included in the CD(SA) Handbook provide candidates with insight into the deadline dates for submissions in a specific cycle.


Although more detail is provided about each component in the CD(SA) Handbook 2016, a brief explanation is included in the section below:


Portfolio of Qualifications and Experience (PQE)

The aim of the PQE is to verify the competence of the CD(SA) candidates against the 20 competences contained in the IoDSA Director Competency Framework TM. This is an important part of the assessment process and the candidate needs to allow at least 2 days’ reflection time when collating the evidence required in the portfolio.


Completed PQEs can be submitted to the CD(SA) secretariat throughout the year. However, candidates need to adhere to the deadline dates should they wish their PQE to be assessed in sufficient time to be able to participate in the next scheduled Examination.


This is a four hour open book examination set by the CD(SA) Exam Committee. The aim of the examination is not to test the candidate’s knowledge. Rather it is a professional examination aimed at testing the candidate’s ability to apply principles of good governance as well as their insight into specific governance issues, in a variety of contexts.


Only two sessions are held per annum. Candidates are able to rewrite the examination as part of the CD(SA) assessment process. However, candidates who need to write a third time are required to pay an additional fee.


Pass mark is 50%. An oral supplementary examination is granted to candidates who gain between 45% and 50%. 


Peer Review

This 45 minute interview is managed by the CD(SA) Governing Body panel. The aim of the interview is to find out more about the candidate’s career as director, insight into current trends in governance, their contribution to the profession, as well as compliance with the CD(SA) Code of Conduct.