Chartered Director (SA)


Every company should be headed by a board that is the focal point of governance. The board should provide effective and ethical leadership to direct and safeguard relationships between management, the board, shareholders and other stakeholders. To do this, directors require specialist skills, knowledge, experience and integrity – all while meeting the challenges of today’s complex business environment. The Chartered Director (SA)® is a sought-after and highly prestigious professional designation conferred by the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoDSA) to individuals who have demonstrated competency to serve as directors and is awarded through a rigorous assessment process.

This esteemed designation is a commitment to deliberate career path building, the recognition of excellence, and ethical leadership in all spheres of business in South Africa.

The way in which the IoDSA defines a competent director is captured in the  IoDSA Director Competency Framework™ and personified through the Chartered Director (SA)® desgnation. An overview of all the processes and requirements of the CD(SA) can be found in the CD(SA)® Handbook in the document library below.

Purpose of the CD(SA) designation

Although the Companies Act, 2008, provides for ineligibility and disqualification of directors, there are no professional or occupational qualification criteria.  CD(SA) will assess and credit the mastery of directors while enhancing the skills of directors in South Africa.

The CD(SA) designation enables directors to:

  • Demonstrate their mastery of knowledge, skills and experience
  • Evidence their commitment to on-going professional learning
  • Demonstrate their integrity and commitment to moral and legal duties;
  • Lend credibility to the profession by upholding standards for directorship and sound corporate governance;  and,
  • Professionally contribute to better boards and better business in the interest of South Africa.

  How do I maintain my status as CD(SA)?

 All CD(SA)'s are required to maintain their professional designation through compliance with the CPD requirements. as set out in the CD(SA) Handbook and detailed on the CPD page.

 The requirements are:

  • remain a fully paid up IoDSA member
  • accrue a minimum of 30 CPD hours across 5 CPD categories annually
  • subscribe and adhere to the IoDSA Code of Conduct

 Governance Structures

The CD(SA) Governing Body has overseen the awarding, revoking and CPD requirements of the CD(SA)  professional designation until December 2018.  As from 2019, the IoDSA Certification Committee, a Board committee, has taken over this role and oversees all process related to both the Certified Director and Chartered Director (SA) designations.

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CD(SA) Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
CD(SA) Handbook PDF (2.4 MB)  more ] Administration 2020/06/24
CD(SA) Assessment Calendar PDF (452.75 KB) Administration 2020/05/22
Guide to completing the CD(SA) online application PDF (792.79 KB) Administration 2020/05/22
Governance CV Template DOCX (13.74 KB) Administration 2018/11/13
Form E.1 Directorship Experience DOCX (41.23 KB) Administration 2019/05/30
Form E.2 Organisation of Substance Checklist DOCX (33.48 KB) Administration 2019/05/30
Form F Candidate Declaration DOCX (39.84 KB) Administration 2019/05/30
IoDSA Certification Policy PDF (414.54 KB) Administration 2020/03/13
IoDSA Disciplinary Regulations PDF (179.17 KB) Administration 2019/05/30
IoDSA CPD Policy PDF (737.42 KB) Administration 2019/05/30
IoDSA Code of Conduct PDF (324.22 KB) Administration 2019/05/30
Examination Policy Guidelines PDF (174.41 KB) Administration 2020/01/15
CD(SA) Peer Review Guidelines PDF (130.34 KB) Administration 2020/05/22
Certification Appeal Policy PDF (906.62 KB) Administration 2020/06/24
IoDSA Director Competency Framework PDF (276.37 KB) Administration 2018/09/26
Getting started with PrivySeal PDF (6.45 MB) Administration 2019/03/29
CPD Declaration DOCX (50.29 KB) Administration 2020/07/21
CDSA National Register PDF (166.88 KB) Administration 2020/04/07