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Centre for Corporate Governance
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Advisory Services

The Centre for Corporate Governance provides advice on corporate governance, which entail:

  • advising on best practice in accordance with the appropriate corporate governance code and best practice industry norms and standards, including assessments and diagnostic gap analysis
  • advising on establishing and implementing ethics and related values frameworks
  • advising on and drafting of charters, mandates and policies
  • development of guidelines and tools on any corporate governance related issues.

CCG Technical Support Policy


  • All technical support queries must be emailed to advisory@iodsa.co.za with members contact details and IoDSA membership number.
  • Queries not requiring research are provided free to all IoDSA members.
  • It will be at the IoDSA's discretion whether queries require research or not.
  • Meetings to discuss these queries will be at the discretion of the IoDSA.
  • All queries will be acknowledged within 48 hours.
  • For queries requiring research, members will receive a fee estimate which will be calculated at a rate discounted compared to non-members.
  • Should a member accept the proposed fee, an engagement letter will need to be signed to commence the advisory project.


  • Only IoDSA members receive free technical support and discounted rates for advisory projects.
  • Non-members are advised to consult the IoDSA website for technical assistance.
  • Should the required support not be available on the website, and the non-member still requires IoDSA technical support, the contact must forward their query via email to advisory@iodsa.co.za 
  • All queries will be acknowledged within 48 hours.
  • The contact will receive a response with a fee estimate for the technical support.
  • If you are interested in becoming an IoDSA member, click here .

CCG Document Library

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Centre for Corporate Governance Brochure PDF (202.3 KB) Administration 2015/02/02