Board Appraisal Services
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Our methodology

 Why Conduct a Board Appraisal?

A well-conducted board appraisal will achieve the following:

  • Benchmark board performance against established best practice
  • Reflect on the role of the board, its objectives and efficacy
  • Create the opportunity to enhance board effectiveness
  • Inform best practice for the recruitment and appointment of directors
  • Identify future development needs 

Why use a Third Party to Facilitate?

Independent facilitation lends objectivity to a board appraisal. It provides a non-threatening medium through which directors can provide frank input, enhancing the credibility of the appraisal process.

Why use the IoDSA?

  1. Over 200 appraisals and 8 years’ experience.
  2. Facilitation is conducted by experienced currently serving directors who understand the practicality of boards.
  3. Broad experience in the private, public and non-profit sectors as well as other foreign entities
  4. Ability to benchmark performance against the average sector performance. Click to see Benchmark Study
  5. Robust methodology based on good governance as espoused by the King Reports.
  6. Action plan workshops to address the board appraisal findings.
  7. Value add through the identification of reference/guidance material to address areas of improvement identified in the appraisal.
  8. Flexible appraisal options to suit various needs and budget
  9. Integration of other IoDSA services to ensure the successful implementation of recommendations made to address appraisal findings. 

What the IoDSA offers?

Click to see Board Appraisal Service Brochure

Cost benefits to members

  • 15% discount on board appraisals for active IoDSA group membership
  • 20% discount on board appraisals for NPOs
  • 50% discount on board appraisals for charitable NPOs

 Let the IoDSA help you gain the competitive edge by getting the most out of your board. Contact us today to receive a proposal for a board appraisal for your organisation.


Contact for further information 

Louisa Netshiombo
Senior Project Coordinator: Board Appraisals
Tel: 011 035 3000

Lougan Jamane 
Project Coordinator: Board Appraisals
Tel: 011 035 3000

BAS Document Library

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
3 Year Board Appraisal Package Deal PDF (3.66 MB) Administration 2017/10/19
Board Appraisal Service Offerings PDF (428.75 KB) Administration 2017/07/11
Board Appraisal Benchmarking Study 2018 PDF (4.32 MB) Administration 2018/05/15
BAS Brochure PDF (249.31 KB) Administration 2017/02/20