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Reputation does matter

Tuesday, 01 September 2015  
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September 2015


I didn’t want to know about member satisfaction again this year – or at least that was my rant to one of our members at a function earlier this year.  I wanted to know more, I wanted to understand better.  I wanted to know if members believe that we live our values and deliver our promise and one step further, do our employees and non-members feel the same.


Enter Reputation Matters, and their Repudometer® measurement tool, with a combined reputation and satisfaction brief, we rolled out the survey in July and our results were certainly encouraging and we will use these results to inform our strategy review and business planning processes and guide our decision making.


We will always have areas to focus and improve on, however, we received and overall rating of 83%, which is a very positive and healthy result.




The primary dimensions positively impacting our reputation are our alignment to our strategic intent, and the transparency of our business results. We reviewed five core business elements - Corporate Management, Corporate Dialogue, Corporate Capital, Corporate Positioning and Corporate Performance.


Corporate Management – score 87.5%

This element focused on how we are run and managed, our strategic intent and operational governance. Scores show the highest positive impact on our reputation is our strategic intent (91%), showing that we are aligned to our core purpose of building better directors, boards and better business.


Corporate Dialogue – score 82.5%

Here we obtained feedback on external and internal dialogue and we were provided with great insights as to how the IoDSA is perceived in the eyes of you, our members. The majority of respondents rated their membership experience to be on par with their expectations of belonging to the institute. Interestingly, most of you would like to receive communication between 0 - 2 times a week and get your information from the website which you deem to be a very credible source.  This will feed into our communication plan for next year.


Corporate Capital – score 85.5%

We looked further into aspects of human capital and operational capability in this element. Employees said the IoDSA is a quality driven strategic organisation with integrity. In the open-text analysis, it came out strongly that our employees are very proud to be working for the IoDSA.


Corporate Positioning – score 75.5%

This is the element explored your views on our strategic alliances and corporate social investment (CSI).  Here we need to share more and create better awareness about our alliances and CSI projects which we will aim to address through enhanced communication.


Corporate Performance – score 82.5%

As its title implies, here we reviewed your perception of our business results and value offering.  Our business results dimension scored well (90%), with members agreeing that we have open, honest and transparent reporting. In terms of value offering, we have realised that communication about our member value proposition needs to be reinforced to ensure a better understanding of the value associated to membership. As expected there will always be a requirement for more benefits.


As I reflect on the results, I believe that we have a solid reputational foundation with no red flags. This survey has provided us with valuable insight and we will continue to work on enhancing this score. 


I wish to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to our members, employee and non-members who gave of their time to participate in the survey and we look forward to checking in on our progress toward improvement during 2016.


“The way to gain a good reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.”

 - Socrates


Angela Oosthuizen

Chief Executive Officer