Code of Conduct
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As an individual charged with governance duties in an organisation (s), I commit :

  • To serve the best interest of the organisation with care, skill, diligence, and courage.
  • To be responsible for the actions and assets of the organisation and for keeping the organisation on its strategic path.
  • To be accountable to stakeholders for the decisions and actions of the organisation.
  • To be fair to stakeholders of the organisation by considering the legitimate interests of those who are affected by the organisation.
  • To be transparent by disclosing information that will enable stakeholders to hold the organisation to account and that provides a holistic representation of the organisation's past performance and its prospects for future value-creation.


As a member of the IoDSA, I commit :

  • To uphold the reputation of the IoDSA.
  • To advance the IoDSA's objective of promoting sound governance and responsible directorship.


Member complaints

Should you wish to lay a formal complaint against a member of the IoDSA please take note of the member complaint policy.


Membership Policies

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Member Complaint Policy DOCX (43.67 KB) Administration 2017/12/19