Get your board on board
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Get your board on board

The IoDSA provides Company Secretaries and Directors with all you need to optimise your board and gain the competitive advantage for your organisation.

Optimise your board

With membership to the IoDSA your board will reap the rewards of a myriad of benefits that will result in your organisation gaining the competitive edge.

  • Director Development and Education
  • Information Sharing and Networking
  • Governance and Legal Publications
  • Board Appraisal Services
  • Functions and Events
  • Forums and Committees
  • King Reports and Remuneration Guidelines
  • Notifications of board positions or similar vacancies


Get your board on board with membership today

Help for your board challenges

In addition, the IoDSA Board Services is a professional consulting service offered to members.
It provides practical guidance on constructing balanced boards and other board related
issues, as well as facilitating board appraisals by an independent consultant to ensure it
conforms to current global best practice.

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Special offer for your board

In keeping with our mission to develop better boards, better directors and better business in
South Africa, the IoDSA is encouraging members of your board to join the IoDSA at a reduced
rate. So be sure your directors have an understanding of their responsibilities and duties as
members of the board, and encourage them to join today.

  • 1-5 members – R1882.00 per member (20% discount)
  • 6-10 members – R1764.00 per member (25% discount)
  • 11-15 members – R1646.00 per member (30% discount)
  • 16-20 members – R1529.00 per member (35% discount)
  • 21< members – R1411.00 per member (40% discount)

Better boards. Better directors. Better business.

Membership forms

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Membership Fees 2018 PDF (213.5 KB) Administration 2017/11/24
IoDSA Group membership proposal 2017 PDF (1.09 MB) Administration 2017/11/08
Individual Membership Application Form PDF (1.02 MB) Administration 2015/01/28
Board Membership Application Form PDF (665.28 KB) Administration 2012/11/27
Fellow Membership Application Form PDF (73.73 KB) Administration 2013/09/20