Mentoring Circles Topic 1: Courage
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A significant tranche of popular, business and academic literature increasingly points to the need for ‘courageous leadership’. Leadership is crucial in times of change, and it is in such times that prevailing paradigms and approaches may need to be challenged.

Based on the discussions at Mentoring Circles, courage may be required to speak up when:

  • Unethical behaviour is evident in the Board, collectively or within individuals.
  • The existing strategy or vision becomes obsolete, for a variety of reasons.
  • Poor governance is being practiced.
  • Personal agendas are affecting company performance or risking company reputation.
  • Stakeholder demands and shareholder demands are apparently in conflict.
  • A Director’s personal values are conflicted by the company values or behaviour.

King Code of Governance principles (King III)

  • Principle 1.1: the board should provide effective leadership based on an ethical foundation

Key Focus Areas

The actual individual problems to be mentored will be raised during the Circle. The following are intended to serve as thought-starters only:

  • What helps Directors to be courageous?
  • What impedes the expression of courage when it is needed?
  • What is put at risk – personally and organisationally - when Directors are courageous?
  • How do Directors get support in being courageous?
  • How do Directors determine when to speak up or not?
  • What are the qualities of a courageous Director?
  • Should courageous leadership be rewarded by companies?