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Membership categories available for new applicants

The vision of the IoDSA is that those charged with governance duties be empowered to effectively discharge those duties.

Membership criteria therefore, have been developed mindful of the objective to reach all those who are critical to the governance of an entity.

Reference to "director” for purposes of membership includes being a member of the body that is responsible for the governance and strategic business direction of an entity and which makes the decisions that determine its success and integrity. It furthermore includes those who play a key role with regards of the governance of an entity.

Director may include being responsible in this manner for:

  • divisional where the division is equivalent to an entity of substance
  • an entity not conducted for commercial purposes
  • a department or entity in local, provincial or national government
  • a tertiary institutiona trust
  • a pension or retirement fund

1. Member

For purpose of clarity, the following positions qualify if these carry responsibility as described above:
  • a director or alternate director
  • a company secretary
  • trustees
  • an executive
  • a partner or associate or senior manager of a professional practice e.g. accountants, architects, stockbrokers, attorneys
  • a member of a close corporation
  • a director – general, head of department or accounting officer of members of the accounting authority in the public sector
  • Tertiary academic personnel at the level of, or equivalent to, professor or senior lecturer
Members are entitled to use the designation M.Inst.D behind their names.

Applications must be submitted online.

2  Board Member

Applicants must fit the same eligibility criteria as per the "Member” category and qualify for the same benefits with a few additional benefits as listed below:

The discounts on membership rates increases as the group number increases. For example the cost of 5 members through a group is the same as the cost for 4 individual memberships.

Through the Board Membership your organisation is able to transfer membership, i.e. should anyone currently allocated leave the organisation, the organisation could then replace that person within the membership term.

Only one invoice is sent to the designated contact person so that the members do not need to handle their own administration and renewals.

3  Associate Member

The purpose of this category of membership is to groom and attract candidates for full membership. An applicant must be over 21 years of age and in full-time employment and not eligible for full membership to qualify for Associate Membership.

Acceptance of applications is subject to the discretion of the IoDSA.

Associate membership must be re-applied for every year at which time the IoDSA will assess whether advancement to full membership is appropriate. Subject to the afore going, Associate Membership is conferred for a maximum period of 5 years after the expiry of which full membership must be applied for.


Candidates who meet the criteria for Associate membership and wishing to be considered for this category must apply to the IoDSA in the prescribed format and include a motivation.


In addition to participation in programmes offered exclusively to Associate Members of the IoDSA, members belonging to this category are entitled to the following:

  • Subscription at 50% of the full membership fee applicable at the time.
  • Benefits associated with this category exclude:

Receipt of non-executive vacancy notices and eligibility for non-executive director positions Participation in the Director Lifestyle Programme
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