Leadership Development Programme: Part 2 - Change Resilience

The aim of this programme is to raise the importance of a leaders’ ability to change continuously in a world that is constantly changing. The workshop aims to examine leaders’ thinking and how they operate and see if they are in tune with the organisational and industry "beat” in the 21st Century.


The work habits that served leaders well in the past may not be useful today because the winds of change reshape circumstances and present different problems that require different answers and a different approach.


The more leaders are able to change, the more they become an instrument of change in their organization and other people’s lives. A successful life is about constant improvement and personal growth. When leaders do not grow the best they can look forward to is ”better sameness”.Do not be the same in the next 6 months as you are today.


King Code of Governance Principles (King III)

  • Principle 2.3: The board should provide effective leadership based on an ethical foundation·        
  • Principle 2.4: The board should ensure that the company is and is seen to be a responsible corporate citizen


Key Focus Areas

  • Understand the dynamics of change on a personal level        
  • Learn how to anticipate and adapt        
  • Letting go of what is not working        
  • Change transition        
  • Building effective life and work habits        
  • Learn how to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity



1 Full day - 09h00 – 16h30  


Presentation fees 

IoDSA Fellow: R2 933

IoDSA Members:         R3 667

Non Members: R4 889


Terms & Conditions

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