Leadership Development Programme: Part 1 - TIDES of Change

The recent financial crisis has been more than just an economic downturn. Major shifts are taking place in almost every industry around the world as new rules for success and failure are written. To be successful in these turbulent times, it is vital for organisations and individuals alike to understand the forces that are shaping the near future. Uncertainty is causing paralysis in many industries, and the antidote is not a crystal ball or bravado. Rather, it is the quiet confidence that can come with understanding the ebb and flow of key defining forces in the world outside your immediate industry.


IoDSA, in partnership with TomorrowToday, highlights the finding of five forces that will disrupt industries in the next decade – Technology, Institutional Change, Demographics, Environment and Ethics, Social Values – TIDES.


King Code of Governance Principles (King III)

  • Principle 2.3: The board should provide effective leadership based on an ethical foundation        
  • Principle 2.4: The board should ensure that the company is and is seen to be a responsible corporate citizenKey



Focus Areas

  • Understand the five key drivers of disruptive change, and how these will impact their industry and their function within their company        
  • See clearly that this recession has not just been an economic downturn, but is a key change point in many of the rules for success in their industry        
  • Motivated to think and act strategically        
  • Inspired to think creatively about the future of their company and their department        
  • Know where competitive advantage is to be found in the next 3-5 years        
  • Able to use the "TIDES of Change” model with their own teams to build ongoing "horizon scanning” and "scenario development” capabilities into their own teams.



1 Full day - 09h00 – 16h30  


Presentation fees 

Non Member                        R4 889
Member  R3 667
Fellow  R2 933


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