GNDI Chair's Report
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Dear GNDI Colleagues

Welcome to the first edition of the Chair's Report. The purpose of this email report is to ensure a quarterly update of the activities of the GNDI, sharing of interesting articles or publications and highlighting noteworthy events and happenings within our member institutes. We hope to evolve the quarterly report to a quick source of information and I welcome your input and feedback as we move forward.

Kind regards

AICD appoints new CEO
Angus Armour has been appointed as AICD Managing Director & CEO. Mr Armour, who will start the role in early October, joins AICD after a distinguished career in Australia and overseas in financial services and advising business and government, particularly on trade and investment issues. Mr Armour is currently Principal Adviser at the Business Council of Australia, focused on innovation and disruptive technology.
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Casting light on shadow directors in Singapore
In general, a person formally becomes a company director by a resolution of the board or shareholders. However, a person may have the same legal duties and liabilities of a director despite not being formally appointed as one. Singapore corporate law recognises the concept of a shadow director, otherwise described as the “puppet master” or “cat’s paw” who acts as the directing mind of a company.
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Israel's Directors Union (IDU) joins GNDI
IDU represents the interests of directors in front of the Knesset and financial regulators, while coping with the changing environment. Given the global nature of the Israeli economy, members of IDU are keen to develop international relations with fellow directors and to learn about their experiences and best practices.
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  Recent Publications   

Innovation as agenda item on Board meetings

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South Africa

Directors' Sentiment Index - second edition

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2016-2017 Private Company Survey

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