Corporate Governance Network (CGN)
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The IoDSA, together with PwC, formed the Corporate Governance Network (CGN) through the merger of a forum of corporate governance practitioners (the Corporate Governance Forum) and the IoDSAs Corporate Governance Committee to create a forum for professionals in the corporate governance field to amass their combined knowledge and experience to provide directors and senior executives with the tools to understand and implement sound governance.


The Forum practice notes can be found in the resource library.

Position Papers - CGN

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Governance issues for boards in 2016 PDF (223.06 KB) Administration 2017/07/27
Effective Project Governance PDF (621.56 KB) Administration 2017/07/27
Governance and corruption PDF (227.64 KB) Administration 2017/07/27
Director Due Diligence PDF (3.37 MB) Administration 2017/07/27
The Business Judgement Rule PDF (2.05 MB) Administration 2017/07/27
Conflict of Interest PDF (1.4 MB) Administration 2017/07/27
Representative Directors PDF (1.78 MB) Administration 2017/07/27
The Dissenting Director PDF (1.25 MB) Administration 2017/07/27
Succession planning for the Governing Body PDF (435.64 KB) Administration 2017/08/11
Governing Body Composition PDF (1.25 MB) Administration 2017/08/11
Governing body role in cyber resilience PDF (267.29 KB) Administration 2018/07/27
Governing body role in preserving moral landscape PDF (209.97 KB) Administration 2018/07/27
The governing body agenda PDF (272.1 KB) Administration 2018/07/27
Mentorship for governing body members PDF (226.37 KB) Administration 2019/05/24
Key issues for governing bodies to consider PDF (229.76 KB) Administration 2019/05/24