Application to renew Certified Director
The Accelerated Directorship Programme (ADP) was offered by the IoDSA from 2009 to 2012. Delegates who were members of the IoDSA, who attended all workshop sessions and who completed the ADP assessments successfully, received an IoDSA Certificate in Directorship,
held the designation of IoD Certified Director and were entitled to use the IoDSA post-nominals
Cert. Dir.

Individuals wanting to retain their status have until Friday, 30 June 2017 at 16:00 to complete the online application. Applications for the new Certified Director assessment (Part 2) open on Monday, 3 July 2017.


This application for renewal is being offered free to individuals who successfully completed
the ADP. 



Individuals wanting to participate in this renewal process need to be a paid-up, full member of
the IoDSA.


The applicant needs to complete the online Application for Renewal Form.  This includes:

Ensure that you have all the documents that need to be uploaded ready in a digital format
before initiating the completion of the online application.


Complete the online Application Form

Statement from the IoDSA

The IoDSA may, at its discretion, refuse to accept any application which may place the IoDSA or the profession at risk or withdraw the designation from any Certified Director who breaches the Code of Conduct and/or the undertakings given to the IoDSA as member.

Certified Director Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Cert.Dir. Annual CPD Declaration 2018 PDF (290.77 KB) Administration 2018/02/20
Certified Director CPD Programme 2018 PDF (159.89 KB) Administration 2018/02/20
Director Mentoring Circles 2018 PDF (273.91 KB) Administration 2018/02/13
Director Certification Info Session presentation PDF (2.93 MB)  more ] Administration 2018/02/06
Certified Director Handbook 2017 PDF (1.38 MB) Administration 2017/08/07
Cert.Dir. Code of Conduct PDF (13.81 KB)  more ] Administration 2017/06/29
Cert.Dir. Candidate Declaration PDF (28.69 KB)  more ] Administration 2017/06/29
Certified Director National Register PDF (101.4 KB) Administration 2018/04/09
Getting started with PrivySeal_Cert.Dir. PDF (178.3 KB) Administration 2017/05/31