CD(SA) Phase 2



Once the IoDSA receives the application for registration, it is processed.  

Successful Registration
Should the outcome of the registration be successful, then the applicant is invited to submit the complete Portfolio of Qualifications and Experience.  
This is done using the Guidelines on How to Become a Chartered Director and the accompanying templates. 
The latter is sent to the successful applicant together with the letter from the IoDSA confirming the outcome of the application for registration.

Unsuccessful Applications for Registration
Should the outcome of the application for registration be unsuccessful, then the applicant will be issued with a Personal Development Plan based on the requirements for qualifying to participate in the CD(SA) Evaluation Programme.

Please see schedule of fees and supporting documents available in document library below.

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CD(SA) Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
CD(SA) CPD Programme 2018 PDF (167.29 KB) Administration 2018/02/28
CD(SA) Handbook 2018 PDF (1.91 MB)  more ] Administration 2018/04/04
The Boardwalk Series 2018 PDF (236.66 KB) Administration 2018/01/23
CD(SA) Member Dates 2018 PDF (139.85 KB)  more ] Administration 2018/01/04
CD(SA) Annual CPD Declaration 2017 DOCX (37.21 KB)  more ] Administration 2017/11/06
CDSA National Register PDF (136.54 KB) Administration 2018/03/20
CD(SA) Profile Sheet DOCX (48.21 KB) Administration 2016/11/08
Getting started with PrivySeal - CD(SA) PDF (178.58 KB) Administration 2016/05/24