CD(SA) Phase 1

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The entrance criteria for the CD(SA) assessment requires that the applicant:

  • Has been a practicing director of a company or has held an equivalent office in any other entity that is an incorporate body, for at least 3 years during the 5 years prior to application;
  • Be a member of the IoDSA;
  • Be at least 30 years old;
  • Hold an NQF registered qualification at an NQF level 7 or higher or be able to demonstrate substantial and appropriate experience of at least 10 years as a director; and,
  • Be sponsored by two (2) individuals who are members of the IoDSA, acting as proposer and seconder respectively.

Once the interested professional has read through the requirements of the CD(SA) and has decided that s/he qualifies for the evaluation against the criteria, they will submit a completed application for registration to the IoDSA for consideration.

The application includes the following:

Inclusion of documentation supporting the registration, namely:
  • Comprehensive curriculum vitae
  • Certified copies of qualifications
  • Proposer letter
  • Supporter letter

The registration form and supporting documentation are completed, payment is made and the complete application for registration is submitted to the IoDSA for consideration.

Please see schedule of fees and supporting documents available in document library below.

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CD(SA) Documents

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
CD(SA) CPD Programme 2018 PDF (167.29 KB) Administration 2018/02/28
CD(SA) Handbook 2018 PDF (1.93 MB)  more ] Administration 2018/06/14
The Boardwalk Series 2018 PDF (236.66 KB) Administration 2018/01/23
CD(SA) Member Dates 2018 PDF (139.85 KB)  more ] Administration 2018/01/04
CD(SA) Annual CPD Declaration 2017 DOCX (37.21 KB)  more ] Administration 2017/11/06
CDSA National Register PDF (146.25 KB) Administration 2018/06/13
CD(SA) Profile Sheet DOCX (48.21 KB) Administration 2016/11/08
Getting started with PrivySeal - CD(SA) PDF (178.58 KB) Administration 2016/05/24