Brands and Branding for Directors

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2 July


Advertising is often mistaken for Marketing within a business.  However, marketing is far more substantive than just the advertising of your business and its offerings.  This misperception disregards the contribution that brands and branding make to the intangible assets of your business – up to one third of annual turnover.  It also underestimates the role that marketing plays in building (or diluting) and maintaining the reputation of your business.


This one day programme is aimed at providing directors with insight into marketing as a critical function within the business.  It will also offer delegates the opportunity to discuss and deliberate over examples of companies that appreciate the importance of guarding one of their biggest assets – their brand.


The course will also consider the important link between marketing and risk management – What are the legal risks related to marketing?  Is your brand registered and protected? How important is the securitization of your brand(s)?  Which elements of marketing should you as director focus on?


Key Focus areas 

  • What is marketing?
  • Why are brands important?
  • What is the relationship between marketing, brands and reputation?
  • What are the legal considerations related to a brand?
  • What is the impact of brands on share price?
  • What is the impact of reputation on share price?
  • What is the value of a brand and how is it measured?
  • What are the financial implications and risks related to reputation?


1 Full day - 08h30 - 16h00

Presentation Fees

IoDSA Fellow: R 2 993
IoDSA Members: R 3 667
Non Members: R 4 889


Includes:  VAT, refreshments, lunch, course material


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