Director Development Offerings
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Programmes (1 day)

(Half day)
Being a Director Series: Part 1 - 4 Package Deal  Social & Ethics Committees
Being a Director: Part 1 Governance of Ethics
Being a Director: Part 2
Being a Director: Part 3
Being a Director: Part 4
Being a Director: Part 5   
King IV - Insights on Implementation and Disclosure 
King IV - Insights on Implementation and Disclosure - Inhouse   
Introduction to Audit Committees Effectiveness
Governance for SME's

Governance for NPOs
Effective Remuneration

IT Governance
Mastering Board Leadership

Financial insights for non-financial directors

New programme: So you want to be a Non-executive Director? 

Specialised Programmes (2 days or longer)
JSE AltX Director Induction Programme
Secrets to being an effective Company Secretary


Online MCQ's (Multiple Choice Question's)

The online MCQ’s will assess your knowledge gained through the face to face programmes attended through the IoDSA. The MCQ’s, once completed, form part of the pathway to obtaining your Certified Director (SA) designation.

Snap Shot Sessions 

These 2 hour sessions are aimed at providing delegates with a high level overview on current challenges or trends. An experienced director will facilitate the presentation and allow for discussion on the topic being covered. 

Mentoring Circles

The Mentoring Circles is a group mentoring initiative facilitated by the IoDSA, for prospective and experienced directors. The aim of these 3 hour sessions are to offer directors (the mentees) who are building their careers to receive feedback and guidance from seasoned directors (the mentors). 

In-House Programmes

The IoDSA has concluded over 700 presentations for organisations and in many cases, developed a long-term Director Development offering with these organisations, incorporating some of our other Board Services to ensure a holistic approach to board development and enhancement.  

This in-boardroom approach ensures that the organisation addresses critical issues relevant to their own circumstances, in a confidential environment facilitated by the IoDSA as an independent party.







Director Development Documents

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IoDSA Full Terms & Conditions PDF (473.09 KB) Administration 2018-01-30
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Director Development Faculty PDF (452.25 KB) Administration 2018-01-30